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What if I told you there’s nothing “normal” about losing your memory, going gray in middle age, fat that won’t budge, or feeling tired all the time? 

And, what if I also told you that every single day, you and I are exposed to over 100,000 toxins that research tells us are directly linked to chronic conditions like:

Memory loss and brain fog
Unexplained weight gain
Mood disorders
Mental health struggles
Blood sugar control issues
Aging and skin issues
Hormone imbalance
Digestive distress

And other life-altering symptoms and diseases?

It's True...

>>> Growing evidence that rising pollution from wildfires and agriculture have some of the strongest links to increasing a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia later in life…

>>> A new study led by a researcher at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University found that higher human exposure to cadmium — a common heavy metal — can lead to extensive DNA damage…

>>> And according to a recent National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior between 2009 and 2018, nearly half of the men and women surveyed reported little to no drive or desire…

Just to name a few eye-opening statistics that you’re probably not hearing about on the news or from your doctor.

What’s even more concerning? 

When Consumer Reports recently purchased a thousand pounds of tomatoes, peaches, green bell peppers, and apples in five cities and tested them for more than 300 synthetic pesticides…

They found traces of pesticides in 25% of the organically-labeled foods.

Yes — the same synthetic pesticides we KNOW are linked to symptoms and diseases like fatigue, memory loss, diabetes, hormone disruption and weight gain.

Introducing Heavy: Inescapable Toxins Causing Our Health Epidemics

The lead and toxins hiding in baby formula, dog food, and protein powders
Where to find the safest consumer brands and food
Medications that are found in our so-called “clean” drinking water
The 6 deadly ways toxins promote obesity
The sneaky way that toxins mimic hormones causing imbalances — and why HRT isn’t the solution
How the four most common heavy metals that cause hormone imbalance are dampening your drive in the bedroom
The easiest and most effective things you can do to detox your body every day
How infrared saunas help to detox your body by sweating out heavy metals and toxins
How mercury interferes in thyroid hormone production and conversion

And so much more, you’ll wonder how we’ve allowed this problem to get so far, and why it’s not the biggest news story on every single media outlet.

And so you know what’s in store, here’s the program:

Episode #1

Obesogens & Stubborn Fat:

Uncover Your Toxic Load to Unleash Rapid Weight Loss


If you can't seem to slim down no matter what you do, you're not alone. Most people don’t know why they can’t seem to make a change. They blame their genetics or lack of willpower. 

I know so many of you watching are doing everything right - eating organic, trying keto, fasting, taking fat burning supplements, exercising, going to bed hungry, feeling deprived - and still not getting results. 

Hear from some of the world’s top holistic weight loss experts on why toxins — not calories — are the biggest threat to your waistline and why.

Episode #2

Sugar Isn’t the Enemy:

The Toxic Truth About Diabetes & How to Reverse it With Detox


In this controversial episode, we’re exposing the hidden TOXINS fueling today's diabetes epidemic. In fact, one of our experts claims that toxins are the #1 cause of diabetes!

Watch as we share new research linking heavy metals and chemicals to diabetes, insulin resistance, pancreatic beta cell damage and weight gain.

Episode #3

Drained & Depleted:

Toxins That Zap Your Energy & How to Revive Your Mitochondria


It’s not in your head — we’re all more tired than ever before. In this episode, we uncover the link between toxins, mitochondrial dysfunction, chronic fatigue and how low energy inevitably leads to chronic disease.

When our bodies are full of toxins, they sense this threat and ramp down energy production. We’ll show you how to manage this “threat” and why it should never be left unaddressed.

Episode #4

Hormonal Havoc:

Uncover the Toxins that Sabotage Your Libido, Thyroid and Menopause Years


In this controversial episode, we’re exposing the hidden TOXINS fueling today's diabetes epidemic. In fact, one of our experts claims that toxins are the #1 cause of diabetes!

Watch as we share new research linking heavy metals and chemicals to diabetes, insulin resistance, pancreatic beta cell damage and weight gain.

Episode #5

The Weight of Worry:

Release Toxic Stress, Emotions and Trauma Causing Resistant Weight Loss


Bottom line: If you don’t address toxic stress and emotional trauma, it can lead to many of the underlying root causes of obesity, resistant weight loss, and other health issues. 

What’s more, is that research shows emotional trauma accounts for 65% of physical health issues. This must be addressed if diet, exercise, and detox don’t result in weight loss — and we’ll pull back the curtain on some of the best solutions!

Episode #6

The Anti-Aging Paradox:

How Toxins and Your Beauty Products Are Aging You Beyond Your Years (And How to Stop the Damage) 


Did you know that your daily beauty routine is AGING you faster?! Makeup and lipstick from almost every major beauty brand contain toxins that disrupt your hormones and more. 

This episode exposes how heavy metals act as catalysts in our bodies, making chemical reactions happen faster than normal — leading to wrinkles and premature aging!

Episode #7

Save Your Brain:

Reversing The Toxic Link to Brain Fog, Dementia & Early Cognitive Decline


Currently, more than 55 million people have dementia worldwide and 10 million more new cases are diagnosed every year.

But in this episode, you’ll see that while genetic factors may be involved, they’re not the whole story — because if genetics is the “gun”, heavy metals and a toxic environment are the “trigger”. 

In fact, dementia IS preventable, in many cases it can be reversed, and it’s time we speak up about it.

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Take a look at what some of the experts are saying about the Heavy Series

Ari Whitten, M.S., Founder of The Energy Blueprint and 2X best-Selling Author
"Mitochondria are these things that everyone is taught about as these sort of mindless energy generators, but they're also the thing that is monitoring, sensing what's going on in the environment and coordinating the response to threats - heavy metals and chemicals."

When there are toxins in the body, the body can respond by ramping down energy production. I'm going to teach you how to optimize your energy levels and grow more mitochondria. And many other experts on the Heavy Series will give you a lifetime of eduction you need to dramatically impact your health and energy levels - all in one place - the HEAVY series.

Joseph Pizzorno, N.D. researcher, founder of Bastyr University, leading authority on science-based natural/integrative medicine, co-author of the Textbook of Natural Medicine
"17% of all cause mortality and one third of fatal cardiac events are due to this one heavy metal…"

And did you know that toxins, not diet, are the #1 cause of diabetes.

I’ll reveal cutting edge secrets about how you can revitalize your DNA, protect your brain, get back youthful energy and mental sharpness… with a hugely noticeable difference in how you look, feel and function …

While exposing the lies you’ve been told about diabetes, what is driving chronic fatigue and infertility, and why, in spite of what you hear on the news, toxins are the real underlying root problem of many chronic health issues.

"These crucial detox strategies SHOULD be common knowledge…"

But sadly, that’s far from reality. 

Join me, Dr. Bill McGraw, in 'Heavy: Inescapable Toxins Causing Our Health Epidemics,' hosted by Dr. Wendy Myers.

Together we’re exposing the harsh reality: Heavy metals replace vital minerals … triggering obesity and cravings … disrupting hormones … and perhaps most disturbingly of all … passing from mother to child.

This documentary is your gateway to a longer, healthier, happier life. RIFE frequency detox … purging deadly aluminum from your brain … and so much more.

Our mission is both profound and simple…to shield you from health disasters and help you live into a healthier, younger, toxin-free future.

Dr. Kelly Brogan, Holistic Psychiatrist, with 28 Clinical Papers Published, And A NY Times Bestselling Author
"If I was only going to attend one health event this year… this would be the one!..."

My good friend Wendy Myers challenged me to surprise you with practical, proven information you’ve almost certainly never heard before…

So you can apply these tools into your own life today and finally achieve your health goals.I’ve dug deep into my 28-published clinical research papers to share ‘mind body soul’ detox secrets no one is talking about. And uncover why emotional trauma as a the root of resistant weight loss.

Depression … breaking the shackles of trauma to live your best life… Putting a stop to self-sabotage… Addictions, Workaholism… Bodyweight and self-acceptance issues… And so much more!

Ready to get the answers you deserve about one of the biggest health crises in our modern world?

Register for this FREE limited-release series now before doors close!

David Perlmutter

Renowned neurologist and author, best known for his work on brain health, nutrition, and preventive medicine.

Dave Asprey

An entrepreneur, author, and the founder of Bulletproof 360, known for popularizing the Bulletproof Diet and his focus on biohacking for health optimization.

Chris Kresser

A respected functional medicine practitioner and author, recognized for his integrative approach to health, nutrition, and chronic disease prevention and management.

JJ Virgin

Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, known for her best-selling books and programs focusing on weight loss, wellness, and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Jill Carnahan

A functional medicine physician and speaker, known for her expertise in mold exposure, biotoxin illnesses, and integrative approaches to complex medical conditions.

Will Cole

A functional medicine practitioner, known for his expertise in clinically investigating underlying factors of chronic disease and customizing health programs for thyroid issues, autoimmune conditions, hormonal dysfunctions, digestive disorders, and brain problems.

Joe Pizzorno

A naturopathic physician, educator, and author, recognized for his pioneering work in integrative medicine and his focus on natural health and healing.

David Jockers

A doctor of natural medicine, functional nutritionist, and corrective care chiropractor, known for his expertise in ketogenic dieting, intermittent fasting, and functional and regenerative medicine.

David Wolfe

Health, eco, nutrition, and natural beauty expert known for his advocacy of raw foodism and superfoods, and for his work as an author and speaker in the field of natural health.

All to get YOU on your personal healing journey